Marine Corps Installation Command
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Communicate with the Commander
MCICOM Commander, Major General Juan G. Ayala, offers this forum as a mechanism to communicate with anyone who welcomes the opportunity to express any issues, concerns, recommended areas of improvement, developments and/or activities within the Command.

Marine Corps dynamic platform for Operational Forces deployment
24 Active duty installations plus MARFORRES HQ (New Orleans) and multiple reserve centers across two CCMD AORs divided into 4 regions
--2.3 million acres
--12,000 buildings
--33,127 personnel
-- 283 Ranges (includes MOUT Sites)
-- $46B Plant Replacement Value
Providing services for 39 Installation Functions which support the Operational
Forces, other tenants, individual Marines, and their families

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Note. Please refrain from making any comments regarding Camp Lejeune Historical Water. If you are interested in additional information related to this subject please click on the preceding link. Camp Lejeune Historical Water Website

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